Human Resources

We Share the Same Chemistry

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Human Resources

We are proud of a strong history full of innovation and ground-breaking development, which has made us what we are today – the globally leading manufacturer of stabilizers in the PVC industry. Our worldwide subsidiaries give home to a cosmopolitan team of more than 1000 employees of various cultures and lifestyles.

We promote a company culture of engagement and individual commitment in which different approaches and ways of working can develop to the full. This allows our teams to create intelligent solutions and products for a sustainable future, both for our customers and our business.

Our differences make us stronger and more vibrant since we all SHARE THE SAME CHEMISTRY.

Connecting our people and knowledge, supporting and developing their strengths and appreciating their achievements are the key factors for the long-lasting success of the Akdeniz Chemson Group. Innovation, creativity, cross-national cooperation and individual high-performance enable tailor-made development of our products and services.

Exciting and diverse fields of responsibilities, interesting career opportunities and a performance-related remuneration are just a few points that attracts us to the best workers and specialists worldwide.

We are committed to our employees, to give them the opportunity to fully commit themselves.

Akdeniz Chemson Group is a great place to build a rewarding, successful career – worldwide.

Be part of our global team and SHARE THE SAME CHEMISTRY with us!

5 Continents
1000+ Colleagues
70+ Years of Experience