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Akdeniz Chemson Last Update 30.09.2020

Information on the Protection of Personal Data

As Akdeniz Chemson Kimya San. Tic. A.Ş (Akdeniz Chemson), protection of privacy, ensuring protection and security of information and respect for ethical values, as well as protection of fundamental rights and freedoms, which stands on top of all, are among our priority principles. We present our below explanations regarding processing and protection of your personal data as well as your private confidential information in order to fulfil the obligation of disclosure arising from article 10 of KVKK (Law on Protection of Personal Data) numbered 6698, for our Company, which bears the capacity of Data Officer. The term “personal data” in this document is used, also, to include personal data of a special nature.

We would like to state that apart from the requested information regarding these purposes, we will not be responsible for the information and documents you provide to us under the KVKK and other legislation. 

Purpose and Processing and Transferring of Personal Data 

We would like underline that, in order to fulfil our obligations arising from the law, to plan our administrative and personal affairs, and to conduct our company processes in accordance with the laws and company policies, we are recording and processing your personal data obtained from commercial activities, human resources practices and security measures as printed and / or wet signed or electronically. We would like to point out that we will not be liable under the KVKK and other legislation regarding the information and documents you provide to us, except for the information requested from you regarding these purposes. We would like to state that we will not have any responsibility under the KVKK and other legislation regarding the information and documents you provide to us other than the information requested from you for these purposes. We may also share your personal data with the government authorities if necessary, to fulfil our legal obligations.

The Way the Personal Data are Collected and Legal Reasons for this

Personal data are collected, used, recorded, stored and processed within the framework of the principle of proportionality, as limited to the above-mentioned legitimate purpose, in accordance with the law and honesty rules, with the express consent of the Company, if necessary, by Our Company by informing the owners of the personal data, in written and clearly understandable form. Your personal data is processed in accordance with Article 5/2/a of KVKK, in accordance with other relevant articles, especially with the requirements of Labour Law and Occupational Health and Safety legislation and is transferred to the persons and institutions listed above.

In addition, your personal data is also processed and shared with the persons and institutions mentioned above, within the framework of below-mentioned legal reasons:

  • It is obligatory due to the fact that the person that is unable to disclose his or her consent due to actual impossibility or whose consent is not given legal validity but it is  compulsory for the protection of his or her life or body integrity;
  • If the processing of personal data of the parties to the contract is required, provided that it is directly related to the establishment or performance of a contract.
  • If it is obligatory for the data officer to fulfil his/her legal obligation.
  • If the personal data is disclosed by the person concerned.
  • If the data processing is mandatory for the establishment, use or protection of a right.
  • If it is compulsory to process data for the legitimate interests of the data officer, without prejudice to the fundamental rights and freedoms of the person concerned.

Personal Data Retention Term

Your personal data will be protected in accordance with the legal retention periods specified in the relevant legal regulations, and will be deleted, destroyed or anonymized in accordance with the KVKK at the end of the term.

Security of Personal Data

Your personal data is encrypted, as necessary, so that they are not exposed to unauthorized access, lost or harmed in the environments in which they are processed and stored, provided that they are not used outside the stated purpose and scope, and is processed and stored in such a way that only authorized persons can access it and by taking all other necessary information security measures.

Your Rights under Article 11 of KVKK and our Contact Details

In accordance with Article 11 of the KVKK, you have the right to obtain information about your personal data by contacting Akdeniz Chemson. In order to respond to your requests for your personal data in an accurate and healthy manner as soon as possible, it is recommended that your requests and questions be communicated as clearly, understandably and specifically in terms of date as possible.

Data Responsible 

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